TRADING CHEST are up!!!! Let’s get GUCCI.


the humble beginning of….

The Trading Post.

Near the Ship and Firepit are 8 Trading Booths. Feel free to claim yours and set up shop there, or create your own Item Trading Shop anywhere!

Yay! We have a trading economy!!!

To create an Item Trade chest,

1. Place a Chest.
2. Place a Sign near the chest, which includes
<>< line 1: “[Trade]”
<>< line 2: amount item-you-are-selling:[optional item data]
<>< line 3: amount item-you-want:[optional info]

To learn the Trade Name of the Item in your hand, write the command: “/ts item” .

That’s all you need to do!

You can also share control of your chests. You can add Members, which can manage your chests.
Only Owners can manage permissions and break signs and chests.

Write the command: “/ts help” for more info.

When destroying a Trade chest and sign that you own, break the sign before the chest. If u break the chest first, you will not be able to break the sign. If this happens, replace the chest and do it again. It’s a bug.

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