Survival Tips

first day
travel bed
iron doors
spare armor

  • First Day πŸŒ…Β  Find a private and safe camp spot and make a bunker. Find wool and wood to make a bed for a death Spawn Point. Mine for one gold ingot to make a golden shovel and claim your camp.
  • Trust 🀐 Β Don’t publicly share your coordinates in the server chat if you want to keep them private. The server chat is broadcasted on Discord. Consider with whom you share your locations.
  • Hide πŸ•΅οΈβ€β™€οΈ Consider building your epic base waaaay far out on the map to hide from griefers. When you think you’ve gone far enough, go farther – and off any popular X and Y axis.
  • Sheld πŸ›‘οΈ Your Shield will save you from most things mob related (except hoglins πŸ—).
  • Travel Bed πŸ›οΈ If traveling without a home bed spawn, carry beds to pass the night and to leave behind and save progress.
  • Ender Chest ⬛ Carry an ender chest in your inventory to store valuables. You can store loot and die to get home or to spawn and not lose your stuff. Try to get shulkers to store more.
  • Lag 〽️ Plan for lag like u do hunger. Get safe and have a snack. You’re getting hangry. Don’t lag into lava.
  • Griefers πŸ‘Ί Plan for griefers like u do mobs. Hide, make traps, and kill them.
  • Iron Doors βœ‹πŸ½ Zombies can’t break iron doors and on claims they require /accesstrust to open.
  • Coordinates 🌏 Keep screenshots of location coordinates and get good at using ingame F3.
  • Spare Armor πŸ‘” Create backup armor and tools before risking your only set. Save yourself from pain and rage quits.