The Survival World of #FishSurvives

has Civil and Chaos Regions, which are

a central SPAWNtinent surrounded by Chaos Wilderness.

The rules

for the two regions are generally the same and reinforced by server customizations like Claims, Regions, and Player Commands.

Hard Survival, Vanilla-leaning Aquatic. Always updated, 24/7 public, and forever. Longterm play. Max map size. No resets. Civil Spawn with some protections and Chaos Wilderness. Golden Shovel Claims. Community friendly. All players welcome. Hacks, glitch, exploits, and xray can incur jail, banishment, or ban.

In the Chaos Wilderness, you’re alone and free.  On SPAWNtinent, you need to be relatively peaceful and get along. It is the common meeting place of our growing community and encompasses the nearby regions for Safe Gameplay.

All of SPAWNtinent is subject to the powers that be @OMegofish00 – powers which have the loot to kill and the permissions to mute, kick, banish, smite, and the like. This is done in an effort to preserve safety in common areas, efficiency in common activities, and to generally serve and protect the regions for Safe Gameplay.

You are always welcome on the Survival World where #FishSurvives.

But you may choose or be asked to leave Civil Community. Be free in the wilderness.

Rules and Reminders of Caution

PVP is on and unregulated, except for ingame protection such as claims and regions.

The Survival World of #FishSurvives is natural and expansive.  The map is 30 million blocks and there are no tp’s or warps. Set your Bed Spawn for your home spawn. Protect your bed.

No guaranteed payback for loss due to Lag or Griefing. Plan for lag and griefing like u do hunger and mobs.

Life is long and Work is ongoing – bring friends. Death is hard and Suffering is painful, stay safe and make friend and allies.

There will never be a reset. The Survival World is #forever. The server WILL NOT reset. This world is home. Fish comes here. fisho0 sits here. I live here. It’s our home. Come home and make a home. #SurviveWithFish

Message server loyalists for help. But remember that we are all Surviving on the EPIC map.

Arbitrary suffering makes rage quits. If you must, message the owner, fisho0.

While overlapping, Discord and the World Server are two different spaces with independent moderation, ranks, and permission groups.

You may be spectated, by either the clandestine powers or by POV operators for livestreams. However the administrations will respect any submitted requests for privacy.

Like home, things change. The server will change. fisho0 will stay. And so will this home.

Hostile mobs do scary damage. Zombies will rip ur wooden doors off the hinges. A Creeper blast will kill you. Cave Spiders will poison you. You can starve to DEATH. Lava in the nether flows like your nightmares.

Sit saves lives.

Max Build Height is 512

Running into blocks while flying can cause damage.

Signing back in after sign out delays 30 seconds.

To greatly increase your chances of Survival,

your author has this one piece of advice…

Be Civil in Community and Safe in the Wilderness.