BlockLocker Lockette

Locking Chests and other Blocks

Locking Chests

Players can protect chests, doors, furnaces, dispensers, droppers, hoppers and many other blocks simply using signs. Once a sign is attached, only players listed on the sign can access the container.

Containers that Can Be Locked.

– anvil
– beacon
– black_shulker_box
– blue_shulker_box
– brewing_stand
– brown_shulker_box
– chest
– cyan_shulker_box
– crafting_table
– dispenser
– dropper
– enchanting_table
– furnace
– gray_shulker_box
– green_shulker_box
– hopper
– jukebox
– light_blue_shulker_box
– light_gray_shulker_box
– lime_shulker_box
– magenta_shulker_box
– orange_shulker_box
– pink_shulker_box
– purple_shulker_box
– red_shulker_box
– trapped_chest
– white_shulker_box
– yellow_shulker_box

These blocks can be locked by placing a lock sign on the supporting block.

– acacia_fence_gate
– acacia_trapdoor
– birch_fence_gate
– birch_trapdoor
– dark_oak_fence_gate
– dark_oak_trapdoor
– iron_trapdoor
– jungle_fence_gate
– jungle_trapdoor
– levers
– oak_fence_gate
– oak_trapdoor
– spruce_fence_gate
– spruce_trapdoor

For changing the timing of locked doors, add a [Timer:X] tag on the sign, where “X” is a number from 0 to 9.

Zombies WILL STILL break locked wooden doors. They cannot break iron doors.

Placing Signs

For containers, just place a sign against the block and [Private] will be automatically added to the first line and your name to the second.

You can also place a sign while sneaking, which allows you to add some text to the third and fourth lines. You then need to write [Private] yourself on the first line. You can leave the second line empty, your name will automatically be placed here.

For doors, place a sign with [Private] on the first line against the block above the door. Placing a sign on the block below the door or even on the door itself works too.

Trapdoors can be protected by placing a sign with [Private] on the first line against the block the trapdoor is attached to.

Editing Signs
Right-click the sign and type…

/blocklocker [line number] [text]

You can also use /bl .

Adding People to the Sign
On the third and fourth row of the sign with [Private] you can add the names of up to two friends who may also access the chest.

To add more, place a second sign against the chest. BlockLocker will add [More Users] to the first line and [Everyone] to the second line. If you want to change this, right-click the sign to edit it.

If the name of the person you’re adding doesn’t fit on the sign, just type as many characters as possible.

Special Tags

The tag [Everyone] grants everyone access to the protection. The tag [Redstone] grants hoppers access to the container, and allows redstone signal to open doors.

It is also possible to define group permissions for locks. Message fisho0 if you’re interested.