All New Players get a Noob Kit to help players of all abilities get safe and oriented.

The kit includes:

Bed: Set Your Home spawn
Chest and Lock: Lock your Loot in the Chest with a Blank Sign
Iron Door and Buttons: Zombies tear down Wooden Doors here
Adventure Time Egg w Saddle and Lead: Generously given to Ride into the Sunset, if You Choose
Fishing Rod: So you don’t starve
#FishSurvives Manual Book: For Orientaion
Journal: For Your Thoughts and to Contribute to the World Library
Golden Shovel: Claim your Land, Stay Safe and Thrive
Shield: Use it, It WILL Save Your Life
Solid Knockback Sword: To keep Mobs Away
Great Chestplate: Saving You from Creeper Blasts
Leather Cap and Boots: Stay Warm
A Cookie: For Your Long Night
Fish: To Survive

Kits are only freely given once so hold on to it! …especially that chest plate and Journal.

New Player Kits can gotten by journeying to the Survival Bunker Waypoint or by purchasing them in the #FishSurvives Store.