An Introduction

The #Homeland world outside of #HomeSpawn is dangerous. You must live among the mobs, protect yourself from other players, and survive on the land.

Claim areas in the #Homeland world protect your bed, builds, loot, and animals and keep you safe from PVP.

Players start with a small survival size of 70 blocks.  More are given and earned over time with gameplay, daily voting, and other server offers.

Claims are made using a golden shovel.  Making a golden shovel is a good first objective after a night in #Wilderness or on the #Mainland.

Claims are permanent.  The #Homeland world has been online since July 4th, 2017 and will stay online for you to visit in the distant future.  The map will never reset.

With claim blocks you can also do things like share helpful builds for other players who come after you, display art, leave signs, landmarks, and memorials, make a public roller coaster, etc.

Stay safe. Survive and thrive. Dig a camp, make a home, construct a city. Leave a claim. 🎑


Commands πŸ§™β€β™‚οΈ

A 70 Block Build & First Camp Example

70 block foundation, living room w basement & loot room with animal pen
exterior with iron door to stop zombies
Sleep safely on your claim.  It’s good for you.  …and keeps Phantoms off your backside.
basement underground potatoes
loot room in basement under animal pens

Commands πŸ§™β€β™‚οΈ

Large Claims

Large claim sizes are possible with regular play time and player groups using their blocks together.

claims with a view

Players can max out their claim blocks with game play, afk pools, daily voting, and other in game offers.

If you feel that you are limited by your claim blocks, consider starting a forum discussion topic.

shared farm

Claims Advice

Claiming a large block is good for preserving a whole area. Combining blocks together with other players can preserve a large area.

To preserve claim blocks, you can instead only claim important areas of a base or farm, such as storage areas, beds, redstone, sign posts, picnic areas, or anything else.

You can even preserve small areas to leave signs and other things for other players.

fisho0s last stand

Extra Details

Claims only extend 5 blocks below un-mined claim foundation.

Standing still does not increase claim blocks.

Wooden doors and trapdoors are not locked by claims.  However, fences are locked on claims.

sunset behind tower construction