Claim blocks are earned through gameplay time and voting.

Players claim land using a golden shovel. The /claiminfo command gives claim information and customization options. For a list of all claims, players can use the /claimlist command.

With claims, players and pets are safe from PVP, and builds are protected from other players and Creepers.

claims with a view
house cat safe in home claim

The #Homeland world is a public server with mostly unmoderated gameplay. As a consequence, players are responsible for protecting themselves from other players who grief, loot, & PVP.

><X Griefing, Hacking, & Toxic Chat

epic bases

The #Homeland world server does not reset and has been online and public since July 4th, 2017.

Claims and accrued claim blocks are permanent.

With claims, players can preserve builds, bases, beds, suspended ender pearls, landmarks, monuments, map art, loot, grinders, farms, memorial signs, and anything else.

fisho0s last stand
underwater home base

Players can grow a farm and homestead long into the future, build a town with friends in a public Minecraft world, protect hideout loot stashes, or maybe create a public space for other players to discover.

Make a claim on #Homeland. 🎡


Commands 🧙‍♂️

Small Claim Example 🏡

hidden gems


Vote Every Day. Make a routine of voting for #Homeland to add more claim blocks daily. You can vote without being in-game by using the vote websites urls.

sunset behind tower construction

& Extra Details

Wooden doors and trapdoors are not locked by claiming. Iron doors are worth considering.

Fences are locked to visitors on claims.

Item frames are not protected on claims.

Zombies will break down wooden doors, even on claims.