Raiding, Griefing, Hacking, & Toxic Chat

In the Homeland World, player vanilla-gameplay is unmoderated.

That includes things like raiding.

Players spawn alone and free.

And players must protect themselves from griefers, hackers, and toxic players by smart playing, claiming builds, and using commands like /ignore.

However, the world is not vanilla anarchy. “Hacks” and exploits may be patched or prevented by the Server Admin. OMeg00 is the only World OP and will respond to non-vanilla and malicious gameplay at their discretion. 🦈

The vanilla gameplay of players is prioritized. Non-vanilla gameplay that infringes on the vanilla gameplay of other players will likely wake OMeg00.

Any activities that break the functionality of the hosting server will surely wake OMeg00.

“What can I do about griefers, hackers and mean or toxic players?”

There are three types of zones on the Homeland World:

#HomeSpawn, the #Mainland, and #Wilderness.

There is no PVP on #HomeSpawn Island, and the island has safe(r) areas for small player camps.

On the #Mainland near #HomeSpawn Island, players live together in civil community in normal Homeland gameplay.

OMeg00 may wake from their slumber to respond to non-vanilla gameplay and harassment on #HomeSpawn and the #Mainland.

The #Wilderness is unmoderated and players must fend for themselves.

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