Claim your land. Stay safe. Survive and thrive.

An Introduction to Claims

The world of FishSurvives is a dangerous place.

You must thrive on the land. You must live among the mobs. You must protect yourself from griefers.

But even fish need a full night’s sleep. It’s good for you.

Stay safe, surrounded by your loot and loving pets, with FishSurvives Claims.

However, in the world of FishSurvives, Claims are minimal. You start small.

fisho0’s Survival World isn’t a place where u can stay safe behind the oak walls of large, luxurious, bougie claims. It’s a place to grow strong and swim in the deep and dark waters – until you learn to love the fade to dark blue and beckon whatever’s hiding in the shadows to show itself.

Of course, feel free to build as large and luxurious as you want. In this case, use your claim blocks to protect your most precious loot and priority areas.

Many players do build large. It’s good to be King.

However, with much personal property comes much responsibility. Be on guard. Protect your land.

If you find yourself among friends, in the friendly community of FishSurvives, then consider Trust Claims. These are special claims, created with the help of Staff, where all Trust Claimed Land is shared, and some protections are lifted. Contact fisho0 if you want to do this.

Stay safe. Get your sleep. #fishsurvives

Claims Rules of Importance

Claims are created using a Golden Shovel and can be resized using a Stick.

New players begin with 70 blocks. Check out the screenshots below this list for an example claim, a10x7 claim that includes a 7×7 house, a cellar farm with storage, and a 3×7 gated area for animals.

You will lose your claims if you don’t sign-in to the server in 6 months, unless you have reached the max level of blocks through gameplay hours and have a maximum claim size. In that case, bubble easy. You’ve survived. Your claims will never be lost.

400 blocks is the highest amount of awarded claim area. Available claim blocks increase with gameplay and reach 400 after 24 hours.

Claim blocks will not increase if you idle and use of AFK pools.

Claims extend ONLY 5 blocks below the claimed block level.

You can distribute your claim blocks over as many claims as you want.

Claims DO NOT prevent mob damage, except for Creeper explosions.

Animals are protected when they are on your claim. When they’re off your claim, they are vulnerable to griefers and mobs.

Wood doors DO NOT automatically lock, to allow for public access. Place a blank sign on or within one block of your door to lock it. Iron doors DO automatically lock.

Fence gates DO lock automatically.

Example Build
using the 70 claim blocks available to new players

server trailer?! And important news!!!


So I’ve been working on the voiceover for the server trailer these days, can someone give me new ideas of what to write or put?

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        As you may see in the discord server of fishsurvives, I will not be on Minecraft or any computer games for the next six  months (about) soooooo discord will be the only way I can chat with all the friendly fish on fishsurvives ; — ;

If you wanna get a pretty banner, just dm me on discord telling me what patterns you want, I will do my best to make it 😛


TRADING CHEST are up!!!! Let’s get GUCCI.


the humble beginning of….

The Trading Post.

Near the Ship and Firepit are 8 Trading Booths. Feel free to claim yours and set up shop there, or create your own Item Trading Shop anywhere!

Yay! We have a trading economy!!!

To create an Item Trade chest,

1. Place a Chest.
2. Place a Sign near the chest, which includes
<>< line 1: “[Trade]”
<>< line 2: amount item-you-are-selling:[optional item data]
<>< line 3: amount item-you-want:[optional info]

To learn the Trade Name of the Item in your hand, write the command: “/ts item” .

That’s all you need to do!

You can also share control of your chests. You can add Members, which can manage your chests.
Only Owners can manage permissions and break signs and chests.

Write the command: “/ts help” for more info.

When destroying a Trade chest and sign that you own, break the sign before the chest. If u break the chest first, you will not be able to break the sign. If this happens, replace the chest and do it again. It’s a bug.