Public World open to Minecraft Survivalists 🐟

Minecraft Survivalists are hereby invited to explore, camp, and homestead on the Homeland Survival world.


Homeland Survival is a free and public multiplayer server for Minecraft Java Edition.

How do I play Minecraft Java Edition?

The world is vanilla-flavored, hard survival for Minecraft players who enjoy a natural gameplay. All Survivalists are welcome.

Join Homeland Survival in your Minecraft Java Edition client at…

How do I join?

β€œFor people who speak thus make it clear that they are seeking a homeland.” 🐟

#FishSurvives The Homeland Update

🐳 πŸ‹ 🐬 🐟 🐠 🐑 🦈 πŸ™ 🐚 πŸ¦€ 🦐 πŸ¦‘

Happy New Year 2020! πŸŽ‰

We have a lot of things to tell you. 🎁

First, the World where #FishSurvives finally has a proper name!

The server has been officially named:

Homeland Survival


The IP address of the server is now:

Check out the website for new information: 🌐

Players can also now make user accounts on the website to have player profiles, to post on the website, and to participate in the forums. πŸ€–

The forums will have threads relating to the server, such as the upcoming Homeland Builds and Events forums. Players are welcome to post their own topics. 🎺


It’s been a thrilling two years in the World where #FishSurvives.

The hashtag lives on as the player tag of fisho0, who your author can say is excited to continue camping, exploring, and making a home in Homeland Survival. ❀️

#FishSurvives 🐟

In addition to all this…

The Homeland World has been updated to 1.15.1. 🐝

Player Trading Shops are being introduced. Message fisho0 on discord if you want immediate help, or wait for the help page to be posted on the website. πŸ’Ž

Voting has been re-enabled on the server. βœ…

Vote daily to receive two additional claim blocks with every vote and complete all votes in a day to receive a complimentary Golden Apple. 🍎

Lastly, players are no longer able to lock blocks with signs. Only claims will provide chest protection. πŸ”Ά

See you at #HomeSpawn. πŸ—ΊοΈ

🐟 Fisho0


Raiding, Griefing, Hacking, & Toxic Chat

In the Homeland World, player vanilla-gameplay is unmoderated.

That includes things like raiding and griefing.

Players spawn alone and free.

And players must protect themselves from griefers, hackers, and toxic players by smart playing, claiming builds, and using commands like /ignore.

However, the world is not vanilla anarchy. “Hacks” and exploits may be patched or prevented by the Server Admin. 0Meg0 is the only World OP and will respond to non-vanilla and malicious gameplay at their discretion. 🦈

World chat and discord channels are filtered for swearing and harassment. Players evading filters can be muted, kicked, or banned.

The vanilla gameplay of players is prioritized. Non-vanilla gameplay that infringes on the vanilla gameplay of other players will likely wake 0Meg0.

Any activities that break the functionality of the hosting server will surely wake 0Meg0.

There are three types of zones on the Homeland World:

#HomeSpawn, the #Mainland, and #Wilderness.

There is no PVP on #HomeSpawn Island, and the island has safe(r) areas for small player camps.

On the #Mainland near #HomeSpawn Island, players live together in civil community in normal Homeland gameplay.

0Meg0 may wake from their slumber to respond to non-vanilla gameplay and harassment on #HomeSpawn and the #Mainland.

The #Wilderness is unmoderated and players must fend for themselves.

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