Welcome to Homeland

Homeland Survival

PUBLIC and FREE Survival Multiplayer World

for Minecraft Java Edition



“For people who speak thus make it clear that they are seeking a homeland.” 🐟

How do I play Java Edition Minecraft?

a little fish in an ocean sunset 🌅

World Information

  • Vanilla-flavored, Hard Survival
  • Updated to stable builds
  • 24/7 Public and Forever
  • Unmoderated #Wilderness
  • Longterm Play. No Map Resets
  • 30 Million Map Border
  • No warps or teleports
  • Claims

Homeland Survival is vanilla-flavored, hard survival in an open world.

#HomeSpawn has safer gameplay and #Wilderness is chaos.

The map is permanent, updated, and very very big. There are no warps or teleports.  You can claim land with a golden shovel.

Some players grief, so hide or claim your builds.  Be careful in chat. PVP is not prevented outside #HomeSpawn, so protect yourself.

Say hello to fisho0.  Introduce yourself to other players in the Discord.

The Homeland World is community friendly. All players are welcome.


the #Mainland fountain

“Some survive together. Some build together. Some make great achievements.

“Some go off into the unbounded map in search of something. Some fight, hide, hoard, and plot grief. Some get lost. And some return home.”


armed mobs attack LegacyRose
vanilla work break. ⛏️
elytra howl

🐬  How do I Join the World?

🐙  Entertain me.

🐚  Is there a Discord?

🦈  Can players grief and hack?

🦐  I need help with Survival.


backyard night watch. 🌌